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Plastic Mile
Stereolab formed in London in 1990 by record collector Tim Gane (°1964) and French chanteuse Laetitia Sadier (°1968). They were active between 1990 and 2009, when the band took a 10-year hiatus. In 2019 they reunited for live performances to promote a year-long seven album reissue campaign.

฿ 500

Remix version of Classic UK Alternative Rock "Nude-Radiohead" . Unofficial Release , Single Sided,Limited to 300 copies. Released in 2008

฿ 950

Everlasting Pictures (Right Through Infinity)
Stevie B-Zet is a German keyboard player and producer. Well-known productions are B-Zet “Everlasting Pictures (Right Through Infinity)” or Zyon “No Fate” released on the label Eye Q Records. Remix by a British DJ and producer "Ashley Beedle".

฿ 400

Demonbag #9TJ
Goodiepal or Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, whose real name is Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester, is a controversial Danish/Faroese musician/composer. Goodiepal's work often involves lectures and performances on the future of computer music .limited to under 300 copies. Released in 2000

฿ 500

Die Roboter
The original 1978 7” single releases from a German legendary group "Keaftwerk" contained Die Roboter (The Robots) on at the A-side and Spacelab on the B-side.

฿ 1,000

Meu Samba
Brasil 1967 nu-jazz remix. A-side, "Meu Samba", taken from the album "Bicho Do Mato". Recorded between November 2000 and February 2001.

฿ 600

On My Own
A great sassy soul-on-a-shoestring statement from a British-Ghanaian singer and songwriter, formerly known by the stage name CocknBullKid (previously thecocknbullkid) Released in 2008

฿ 300

Rougher Ride
2001 Experimental electronic music producers Soze.sht and Zach Zizmore from New York City. Owners of Shadetek Records. Hand numbered limited edition of 400 copies.

฿ 450

Christmas Makes Me Blue
Simone White has a voice like ether. It's sweetly airy and hypnotic. Hearing it can pull you under to a strangely beautiful, glittering world where nothing seems real." Released in 2007

฿ 500

Pressed in a edition 1800 copies, Sabar was a precursor to the African Divas project and features African stylings and vocals. Sabar was released as a 10” single encased in a multicolored cloth bag made by Aminata and Yacine Enterprises in Senegal. Both tracks are haunting compositions with strong basslines and punishing percussion.

฿ 700

Inner Space
LP - Long lost music recorded for obscure Australian surfer films from the sixties and early seventies featuring the cream of the Australian jazz scene! Sven Libaek's music was featured in the Life Aquatic movie and tracks like Peaceful Landscape have been sampled on old Mo Wax records!

฿ 1,300

Sea Fantasy
LP - Scored by the legendary Italian film composer Armando Sciascia, Sea Fantasy is a conceptual suite of twelve exotic themes evoking the many moods and dramas of life under the sea. Recorded in 1972 for Sciascia’s own Vedette label, the album is a key recording within the micro-genre of Italian underwater library music. A mosaic of evocative modern classical, flamenco textures and a surge of raw analogue synthesizers.

฿ 1,300

Next of Kin
LP - Soundtrack to the 'ozploitation' classic 'Next of Kin' from '82 - a highly stylised psychological thriller scored by none other than ex-Tangerine Dream / Ash Ra Tempel drummer and German electronic music pioneer, Klaus Schulze. The music featured in the film is a unique hybrid of pulsing Giallo-moods and hypnotic 'Berlin-School' electronica. This is the first time time these recordings have been made available. Remastered from the original master tapes. Highly recommended!

฿ 1,300

Kwasy i zasady Ra
LP - Highly-anticipated album from Polish quartet Bloto via the unstoppable Astigmatic Records! The band combine heavy, instrumental hip-hop/rap inspired drums with insane, improvised jazz licks to create a sound that's totally on point. Absolutely incredible release and one not to miss!

฿ 1,300

Amateur Dramatics (Limited Clear Vinyl)
LP - Second, stunning album outing from Chris Menist aka Awkward Corners - expect some minimal electronics with jazz and dub experiments with guest spots from Collocutor's Tamar Osborn and vocalist Kitty Whitelaw. Highly recommended!

฿ 1,200

Amateur Dramatics (Black Vinyl)
LP - Second, stunning album outing from Chris Menist aka Awkward Corners - expect some minimal electronics with jazz and dub experiments with guest spots from Collocutor's Tamar Osborn and vocalist Kitty Whitelaw. Highly recommended!

฿ 1,000

Cyber Dolores
LP - Home studio experimentations in Electronic Jazz from the 80’s/90’s!

฿ 1,000

Dislocation Songs
LP - Minimal electronics, jazz and dub experiments from Paradise Bangkok's Chris Menist aka Awkward Corners

฿ 1,000

SOS / The Sweet Decay
LP - Another gem from the Finders Keepers Disposable Music series. Creates a tapestry of sound that combines east and west, reverent and secular.

฿ 1,000

Planet Lam
CD - Instrumental modern Molam music - original Paradise Bangkok sound! 2nd album!

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