Buster All Stars [ Work Song / Veracruz ]


Format : 7" / New / Reissue
Label : Rock A Shacka
Genre : SKA

650.00 ฿

Continuing with our series of re-issues from the vaults of the mighty Prince Buster, we are proud to announce the release of four new tracks, this time in a 7" dub-plate format.

All four tunes are instrumentals featuring the cream of Jamaica's session musicians under the nom de guerre of The Buster All Stars.

Two if the titles are already well known amongst ska afficianados...... Ali Shuffle (aka Rock Steady) was Buster's homage to Muhammad Ali, and Vera Cruz (named after the film) were both released on the Bluebeat label in the UK and are revered as ska classics, while the other two side are previously unreleased and were apparently only ever cut on acetates for sound system use.

Both are based on jazz standards, and give Kingston's hippest studio cats a chance to work out on a couple of well loved themes.... a ska version Nat Adderley's immortal Work Song and Hey Train (which is not a cut of Duke Ellington's Take The A-train, but actually a ska makeover of Bobby Timmons' Moanin') are two recently unearthed gems from Jamaica's finest ska producer and will be filling floors at revive dances for years to come!


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