Thai Funk Zudrangma Vol.2


Format : Cd / New / Compilation
Label : Zudrangma
Genre : Thai Funk


This is a reissued CD of "THAI FUNK VOL.2" compilation the we have been out of stock since 2008!!

The second volume of the Thai Funk series picks up where the first volume left this listener salivating over its strange east-meets-west funk pollinations. Artists from the first comp, like the soulful Chantana Kittiyapan and disco funkateers Royal Sprites, take a celebratory lap around some fascinating new discoveries, like The Impossible, who regularly gigged in Hawaii, and still occasionally play today.
Volume 2 is weirder than the first, with more synthesized sounds working into the folds of effected experimentation, but the results are invigorating to say the least. (Sangthong Seesai’s vocal inflections sound like Crazy Frog on “Duang Duang Duang,“ but it’s not as bad as you’d imagine.) Like the first volume

1. BUALUANG OST - Singto (Lion)
2. PANADDA CHAYAPARK - Yoong (Mosquito)
3. CHAI MUANGSING - Pee Kao Pee Oak (Ghost In Ghost Out)
4. SANGTHONG SEESAI - Duang Duang Duang (Luck Luck Luck)
5. SRIPAI JAIPRA - YomMaBan TaLangKan (Officer Of Hell's Announcement)
6. SANGTHONG SEESAI - Kam Kao (Old Karma)
7. THE IMPOSSIBLE - Pom-Pom-Pom (Hair-Hair-Hair)
8. SOONTHORN SUJARIDCHAN - Sara-A-Mor-Sara-R : Kee Mao (D-R-U-N-K : Pissed)
9. SOONTHORN SUJARIDCHAN - Sara-A-Mor-Sara-R : Kee Mao Lae (D-R-U-N-K : Wasted)
11. THE GENERATION - Racing 12. THE PRESIDENT - Ruk Chua NiRunDon (Love Forever)
13. DON SORNABEAB - Mao (Drunk)
15. THE ORIENTAL FUNK - Loy KraTong Disco
16. THE GENERATION - Kon Muan Khan (People Are The Same)
17. SROENG SANTI - Leang Mai Toe (Overkill)
18. BUPPA SAICHOL - Kon Chob Pluk (Waker)
19. SROENG SANTI - Ba Bor Por Khan (Crazy Same Same)
20. HONGTHONG DAO UDON - Mai Keay Ruk (Never Loved)
21. RAYRAI NA KORATICH - Kard Klan Nam Mun (Lack Of Gasoline)
22. ROYAL SPRITES - Noom Rai Por (Kenaf Farm Man)

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