Format : CdX2 / New / Compilation - Dj Mix
Label : Fambily
Genre : Reggae




Disc 1[Just to see love]25 tracks 79min 06sec

1.   The Royals - Humanity
2.   The Browne Bunch - There's Fun For All
3.   The Browne Bunch - (We've Got A ) Good Thing Going
4.   Bob Andy - Feeling Soul
5.   Bob Andy - Honey
6.   Tyrone Taylor - Pledge To The Sun
7.   Don Carlos - You Are My Sunshine
8.   Hopeton Lewis - You Make Me Feel So Good
9.   Winston Samuels - Let's Get It On
10. Zap Pow - Let's Fall In Love
11. Janet Kay & Rico Rodriguez - Silhouette
12. Janet Kay - I Do Love You
13. Sugar Minott & Carol Thompson - Make It With You
14. Al Brown & Derrick Lara - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
15. Fab Five Inc. - Lonely Eyes
16. Beres Hammond - Oh I Miss You
17. Tyrone Taylor - Send A Letter
18. The Tamlins - Everybody Plays The Fool
19. Jimmy Lindsay - Easy
20. Dean Frazer - Asking For Love
21. Shalom - Why Is It So Difficult
22. Lenn Hammond - Mixed Up Mood And Attitudes
23. Eddie Lovette - Lady In Red
24. Danny Ray - Jamaica I Hear You Calling
25. The Foundation - Just To See Love

Disc 2[ZION I]27 tracks 75min 41sec

1.   Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - Let Freedom Reign
2.   Lenox Brown - Ivanhoe Strikes Again
3.   Winston & Ansil - Zion I
4.   Ansil Collin - Black Out
5.   The Interns - Nothing Is Impossible
6.   Chester Coke - Why Can't You See
7.   The Cables - War Is Not Answer
8.   Monyaka Band - Dread For Some
9.   Keatus I - Living In Illusion
10. Kiddus I - Crying Wolf
11. Cecil Smith - Moving On
12. Joe Higgs - There's A Reward
13. Joe Higgs - Hard Time Don't Bother Me
14. The Mavlinks - By The Sweat Of Your Brow
15. T Bird Experience - Roots In Roots
16. Roman Stewart - Never Too Young To Learn
17. Glen Brown - Medetating Of Own Way
18. Freddie McKay - Won't Get Away
19. Dennis Brown - At The Foot Of The Mountain
20. Freddie McKay - I'm A Freeman
21. Junior Delgado - Fisher Man Row
22. Twinkle Brothers - Jah Kingdom Come
23. Winston Jarratt - Spanish Town Road
24. Neville Tate - See A Man's Face
25. Calman Scott - Devil In The City
26. Max Romeo - Johosaphatt The Lost Valley
27. Tommy McCook - Revenge

starts Selector Career since 1992 first sound system played is Desert Storm Hi-Power.
played at famous club in Tokyo and all over in Japan.
moved to Kingston , Jamaica in 1997 and start Selector business in Jamaica at Jamaican sound system called Higher Faith in 1998 Crush played with Jamaican Top sound system like Bass Odessy , Black Kat , artist like Ninja Man etc.
move to Japanese sound system who was working in Jamaica called Judgment Sound Station in Dec. 1998
Crush is first Japanese Selector who got World Champion in reggae business. (Global Gold Cup Sound Splash'99 , played against with Jamaican sound system called Bass Odyssey , American sound system called LP Sound ,English sound system from Birmingham called Love Injection , English sound system from London called Lord Gally's)
after Crush got World Champion , He Toured to Canada , Germany , Sweden , Bermuda Islands , England , United States , Jamaica , Korea etc. back to Japan in Dec. 2004
After Crush came back to Japan , Crush started a event called 「 DJ UNITY」 at Tokyo with Double-H(Jammers Records) in 2005.
It was a New Big Movement for Foundation Reggae Music scene in Japan.
1998年よりジャマイカのサウンド ‘Higher Faith’ で修行。
この時に Bass Odessy/Black Kat や Ninja Man等の数々の有名ジャマイカンアーティストとも共演を果たし同年12月より Judgment Sound Station で活動開始。
その後 Stone Love/Killaman Jaro/Bass Odessy/Fire Links 等ほとんどの有名なジャマイカのサウンドとPlay。
1999年9月には ‘Global Gold Cup Sound Splash'99(ロンドン)’で Bass Odessy/LP Sound/Love Injection/Lord Gelly's を破り、日本で最初のサウンド世界一になる。
帰国後は、東京・大阪で 「DJ UNITY」 というイベントを主宰し好評を得る。
現在はDance HallをPlayするだけではなく、VintageシーンでもDexter Campbell(JA)/Ras Digby(UK)/Tiny T(UK)など多くの海外有名アーティストともセッションをし、R&BやSoulのイベントでもPlayするなど、 Almightyに活躍している。」

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