You'll Never Know [18 Caribou Ska Selection]


Format : CD / New / Compilation
Label : Rock A Shacka
Genre : Ska

800.00 ฿

One of the original members of the Skatalites, Don Drummond was Jamaica’s leading trombonist, and described at the time by the great Jazz singer Sarah Vaughn as one of the top 5 musicians in the world. The well-documented and tragic story of the end of his life was a result of mental problems for which he was already receiving treatment at the Bellevue Mental Asylum in Kingston by the beginning of the 60s. The tracks “Reload” and “That Man is Back” released under Coxsone were recorded in celebration of his discharge from hospital. Similarly the tracks on this killer Ska double-sider entitled “Bellevue Special” and “No More” were also recorded following a stint in hospital. The heartbreakingly melancholic, agonizing, and almost terrifying atmosphere which pervades this performance seems to foretell of the tragic murder of his wife and subsequent incarceration in Bellevue, which was the bitterly sad ending to Don’s life story. Both the a and b sides were recorded with the same instrumental backing, although strictly speaking they are actually two different takes. As early as 1964 Jamaica’s first producer was already laying the foundations for the version culture to come.

Just some of the gems compiled on this album include the Mighty Vikings’ killer Ska instrumentals “Up & Down” and “Ska 65”, Rico and Johnny Moore’s early shuffle instrumental “Omara Special” and Lord Brynner’s Kaiso numbers “Lock and Key” and “Yvonne” - all of which have never previously been reissued on either vinyl or CD. Other classics among the 18 tracks that make up this CD include Laurel Aitken’s “Boogie Rock” and Lord Tanamo’s “Mood for Ska”, as well as tracks by Roy Panton and Orville Alphonso.

1. Boogie Rock ... Laurel Aitken
2. Omara Special ... Rico
3. In The Mood For Ska ... Lord Tanamo
4. Way Of Fortune ... Pat & Roxie
5. Bellevue Special ... Don Drummond
6. No More ... Don Drummond
7. You’ll Never Know ... Lord Tanamo
8. Please Take Me Home ... Roy Panton
9. Things I That I Do ... Pat & Roxie
10. Bellylick ... Orville Alphonso
11. Up & Down ... THE Mighty Vikings
12. I Love You Truly ... Lord Tanamo     
13. Lock And Key ... Lord Brynner
14. Inspiration ... Orville Alphonso
15. Ska 65 ... THE Mighty Vikings
16. Smoke With Out Fire ... Roy Panton
17. If You Were Only Mine ... Lord Tanamo
18. Yvonne ... Lord Brynner

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