NIGERIA AFROBEAT SPECIAL [The New Explosive Sound in 1970s Nigeria]

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Format : Cd / New
Label : Soundway
Genre : Afro

900.00 ฿

NIGERIA AFROBEAT SPECIAL [The New Explosive Sound in 1970s Nigeria]

Nigeria Afrobeat Special is the fourth addition to the Nigeria Special series, a project initiated by Miles Cleret, owner of the Soundway Record label back in 2004. Cleret’s ambition to distinguish the blossoming music scenes of 1970s Nigeria has lent to an indispensable series of CD and LP compilations documenting the influence of western blues, rock and disco amongst artists and musicians versed in the local musical styles of highlife and juju. It was Fela Kuti and his musical and political ideals that formed the core of afrobeat’s message. Blending highlife, Yoruba music, funk and jazz, Fela dominated the musical tapestry of 1970s Nigeria and his influence in Nigeria and West Africa led to a craze where most of the bands of the day incorporated this new sound into their repertoires to satisfy the tastes of the audiences of the time. This compilation highlights some of those recordings that have, until now, not seen the light of day. Appropriately, Fela’s highly sought after version of “Who’re you” lends this set its lead. Originally released on 7? in 1971, It would later be re-recorded at Abbey Road for his album Fela’s London Scene and here is re-issued for the first time ever. Set for release on 22nd February, Nigeria Afrobeat Special is released as a CD digipack and triple LP featuring five bonus tracks not available on the CD. Extensive liner notes are provided.

“Gloriously roudy.”
The Telegraph
“The most uplifting album in the world”. The highlight for me is a jam which takes its trumpets out after dark: ‘Afro-Blues’ is a twinkling moonlit boogie, which any fan of Fools Gold will find irresistible.”


1. Fela & The Africa 70 – Who’re you? (Original 45 Version)
2. Eric Showboy Akaeze & His Royal Ericos – We Dey Find Money
3. The Anansa Professionals – Enwan
4. Saxon Lee & The Shadows International – Mind Your Business
5. Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies – Otachikpopo
6. Orlando Julius & His Afro-Sounders – Afro-Blues
7. Bob Ohiri and his Uhuru Sounds – Ariwo Yaa
8. Mad Man Jaga – Hankuri
9. Godwin Omabuwa & His Casanova Dandies – Do The Afro Shuffle
10. Segun Bucknors Revolution – Gbomojo
11. The Black Santiagos – Ole

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