Alfred Pawlin is a music, art and film collector based in Bangkok. He was born in Vienna, Austria where he got his musical baptism. During the Sixties his interest shifted to Swingin' London, followed by Blues, Soul, Jazz-rock, Psychedelic. After seeing B.B.King live in 1968, he became obsessed with black roots music and the origins of Jazz, Blues, Gospel for several decades.

With the discovery of spiritual Jazz and Indian classical music, he was drawn to India in 1972 where he got his higher education in ragas, spirituality and quarter-tones. After several years in India, he moved to Thailand to study joie de vivre and visual arts. He opened a gallery "Visual Dhamma", a passion that lasted for two decades and laid a foundation for contemporary Buddhist art.

Alfred also became a record collector and traveled to all Southeast Asian countries in search of their holy vinyl grails. Always looking for some new sounds, lately he got into Soundtracks, rare Surf instrumentals, Turkish Psyche, Italian library LPs, classical Avant-garde and Molam.

Bright moments show is dedicated to Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the search for the lost chord.




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