Soi48 is a dance party with vinyl records from Thailand, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Africa, started in Kabukicho, Shinjyuku Tokyo in 2012. The purpose the event is to unearth and spin lesser-known international music styles, with a particular focus on Thai music.

DJs KEICHI UTSUKI and SHINSUKE TAKAGI aka Soi48, are collectors of Molam music from Thailand. They have toured Thailand and Vietnam with DJ MAFT SAI of Zudrangma Records, CHRIS MENIST of Paradise Bangkok Records, and MARK GERGIS of Sublime Frequencies.

KUNIO TERAMOTO, aka MOPPY, is a collector of psychedelic music and Turkish records, MOOD YAMA spins Indian, Pakistani, and reggae music. KOCHI TSUTAKI collects rare Thai, African, and Arabic sounds. All are regular DJs at the event.

Soi48 is a unique music party to bring you rare sounds from around the world!

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