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Chailai & Duangdao / Sornpetch Pinyo

Chak Mak Pai / Nao Muan Jai Ja Kad


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Side A: Track : Chak Mak Pai
Artist : Chailai & Duangdao

A sleazy slice of 70’s funk with hints of latin, the two vocalists, better known as
protagonists of a certain type of movie back in the day, make lewd allusions
over 3 minutes of percussion driven heat!

Side B: Track : Nao Muan Jai Ja Kad
Artist : Sornpetch Pinyo

The flipside piece, interwoven with Sornpetch Pinyo’s
lovelorn vocal and topped off by a nagging moog riff
and urgent, punchy horns, this is hard luk thung of the
highest order.

Since 2009, DJs Maft Sai and Chris Menist have taken the unique sounds of their 'Paradise Bangkok' events 

around the world.  As well as sell out nights in Thailand, the pair have played in Japan, UK, Germany, 

Switzerland and Austria with more dates planned for 2012.  Launched at their recent 3rd Anniversary 

event in Bangkok, the 'Paradise Bangkok' label seeks to unearth little known musical gems from across 

Asia and Africa, starting off with two future Thai classics that have been thoroughly road tested on 

the dancefloor.  Pressed up in a limited edition of 500, the single boasts a silk screen cover and 

hand stamped labels, as well as being individually numbered.

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