Format : CD / New / Compilation
Label : Rock A Shacka
Genre : Rock Steady

500.00 ฿

The second in the Sonia Pottinger series is a compilation of rare 45s released on the SEP and Gay Feet labels by the legendary female producer, who was responsible for so many wonderful releases during the 60s and 70s and who stands tall alongside the likes of Studio One and Treasure Isle. This is a precious selection of tunes, most of which have never seen reissue since their original release on 7 inch in 1967 and 68. Starting with title track and killer instrumental, Orange Street Special, the collection features Johnny & the Attractions' deeper than deep classic, Let's Get Together, Rudies Give Up by Lloyd "Cuss Cuss" Robinson and Pantomime producer Glen Brown, and Miss Cushie by Junior Murvin of Police and Thieves-fame singing under his former name, Junior Soul. 15 tracks of Rock Steady murder from the era when Orange Street was sill called Music Street and Rudies ruled the town!

1. Orange Street Special .... Bobby Aitken and The Carib Beats
2. Rudies Give Up .... Lloyd and Glen
3. Fast Mouth .... The Cables
4. Stop The Violence .... The Valentines
5. Hot Iron .... The Originators
6. Move Up .... Rhythm Bop
7. Miss Cushie .... Junior Soul
8. Scaramouche .... Bobby Aitken and The Carib Beats
9. Let's Get Together .... Johnny and The Attractions
10. Come Let Us Dance .... The Conquerers     11. Play It Cool .... Eric Morris
12. Seven Heaven .... The Hippy Boys
13. Watch Yourself .... The Originators
14. How Do You Think I Feel .... The Cables
15. Cross My Heart .... Johnny and The Attractions

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