Angola Soundtrack [The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976]

analog africa

Format : Cd / New / Compilation
Label : Analog Africa
Genre : Afro

800.00 ฿

Angola Soundtrack [The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976]

Analog Africa's ninth installment covers the wealth of tunes produced in the "golden era" of Angolan music between 1965-1967. The comp's curator and Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb obviously went to a lot of trouble constructing this album, evidenced by the chunky 43-page booklet and typically luxurious packaging, and it really was worthwhile. Angolan music is an addictive confluence of elements, knitting traditional and imported rhythms such as Rebita, Kakukuta, Semba and Merengue, with psychedelic guitar sounds borrowed from the neighbouring Congo and a certain Latin sensibility inherited from former Portuguese colonists, creating an ebullient, carnival-friendly fusion as infectiously danceable as anything else we heard from this exotic continent. The quality of the recordings is largely owing to the involvement of successive recording companies such as Fadiang (Fábrica de Discos Angolano) and Valentim de Carvalho who immortalized these groove in the late 60s and through the '70s, but of course all respect is due to the orginal artists, figures such as Jovens do Prenda, David Zé and Africa Show whose rare and brilliant works have been much under-represented outside of their homeland and Portugal. Between the hard grooves of Mamukueno's 'Rei do Paletinho', the reverb heavy psyche 'n shake of Os Kiezos 'Comboio', the tumbling twang of Os Bongos 'Pachanga Maria', and irresistible uptempo instrumentals like Jovens Do Prenda's 'Farra Na Madrugada' you're in danger of developing a serious passion for Angolan music. Very highly recommended to fans of Afro-Latin music everywhere!!!


1. MAMUKUENO - Rei do Palhetinho
2. OS KIEZOS - Comboio
3. JOVENS DO PRENDA - Ilha Virgem
4. ZÉ DA LUA - Ulungu Wami
5. OS BONGOS - Pachanga Maria
6. DIMBA DIANGOLA - Tira Sapato
7. SANTOS JUNIOR - N'Gui Banza Mama
8. N'GOMA JAZZ - Mi Cantando Para Ti
9. FERREIRA DO NASCIMENTO - Macongo Me Chiquita
10. DAVID ZÉ - Uma Amiga
11. JOVENS DO PRENDA - Farra Na Madrugada
12. OS KORIMBAS - Samba Braguez
14. ALLIACE MAKIADI - Passeio Por Luanda
15. OS BONGOS - Kazucuta
17. AFRICA RITMOS - Pica O Dedo
18. AFRICA SHOW - Massanga Mama

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